Welcome to caryswilson.co.uk

My practice resides primarily within drawing. The lines, surfaces, marks, tones and textures I discover within drawing fuels my painting, printmaking and mixed media work which then in turn translates back into further drawings.


Working from observation is central to how I begin to think about, and make an image. I respond to my surroundings and depending on my location, or the residency I am involved with, my practice has evolved in a variety of directions. I have used the body as a subject to explore the drawn line, and moved between figuration and semi abstraction, exploring tensions between a recognizable subject matter, layers of abstracted lines and observed threads of drawing, sandwiched together in one composition. Sometimes this develops more into being about the physicality of the materials and drawing tools I am using. Other times a drawing remains within our ‘real world’, of figures and their relationship within the space of the paper. I am inspired by movements quick and slow, of others, and my own physical gestures when drawing, and how these can promote a variety of lines and marks.


Recent work made in Cyprus has explored drawing more through paint, using organic sculptural matter within nature as a source to explore society’s relationship with our natural environment. Images originate again from observational explorations, then are altered and fragmented. Images are pushed around on the canvas to find their own space. Relationships between line, shape, colour and space are either brought to the surface or pushed back, and layers of drawing retrieved.


Drawing is a parallel for the handmade, handcrafted, signatory. Within drawing, the fallibility of the artist is exposed. The perfections in the individuals imperfections come to the forefront.


I am concerned with our relationship with nature, and the importance of looking really close and hard, of submerging ourselves in our surroundings in order to appreciate a simplicity and beauty that is there if we choose to seek it out. What would be left if our world was stripped of its ‘quick – fix’ notions and solutions, technological ‘advancements’ and urban societal patterns?