Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Artists at the Blue Elephant

Three young artists will be joining the actors and creative teams of Revolving Doors Theatre as they begin rehearsals for a double bill of Arthurian Legends at the end of October.

Artists Ben Hathaway, Carys Wilson and Shail Belani will observe, sketch and make drawings whilst the actors and directors prepare the two shows.  They will be creating raw exciting work in a direct response to the rehearsal process. The finished works will then be displayed in the Blue Elephant’s Gallery Bar whilst the run of finished productions will play in the theatre below.

Carys aims for a sense of flow, mirroring the beauty of nature, a record of layering, reflecting the enjoyment of observing, yet also simultaneously to jar and feel fractured. She works on her sense of the push and pull between the organic object and the drawn line.

Living in the South West of England, I am surrounded by what is sometimes a harsh physical environment, and this is an element I respond to in my work. The natural world, and our relationship (or sometimes lack of) with this environment provides a vehicle within which I can explore the medium of drawing.